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Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski opens up on what success might look like in the future for Poland

Robert Lewandowski wants Poland to get the full backing of the country.

Sweden v Poland - UEFA Euro 2020: Group E Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski did not see the Poland national team achieve the results that it wanted to at the European Championships, but that does not mean that the Bundesliga single-season record holder feels unfulfilled in representing his country.

“When coming to a national team training camp, you dream about good results, about the team understanding each other, being proud of the team and enjoying the victories,” Lewandowski said in an interview with the Poland national team website. “I am fulfilled to some degree but that doesn’t make me weaker because each success drives me to achieve the next one. I am not a person who inwardly feels that they don’t need to keep trying. I’ve always been like that and that lack of a sense of accomplishment makes me stronger.”

When asked what would represent success for Poland, Lewandowski took a pragmatic approach.

“We have to be well prepared, training will help us a lot because in March there was not much time to train. The teamwork and pace of play will be better at the Euro. We have to play hard and believe that we will be successful. But what does it mean? Certainly the promotion to the knock-out stage is a start, but looking back at the previous championship in France, I know that one situation can change the picture, give you the confidence that you can pursue the highest goals,” Lewandowski said. “The first match will be important because it gives the team a sense of self-worth, allows it to spread its wings and relieve that stress a little bit. I’m curious myself, I’d like to know the answer to that question, but for me success would also mean that our fans would be proud of how much we achieved, who we played against and how we played.”

One thing that Lewandowski absolutely knows he does not want to be involved in is picking the squad. The Polish Hitman will gladly leave that one up to the coaching staff.

“It is up to the coach to decide who to call up. He knows the players, how much and how they play, whether they will be able to implement his tactics,” said Lewandowski. “My personal, emotional approach is one thing, but we, the players, have no say in the matter. There are players who have been on the team for many years and they are gone now, even though there was a close bond with them. We are human, we have emotions and sometimes we would like to make such decisions but that is the role of the head coach.”

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