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Bayern Munich’s Marc Roca talks through his new physique

Marc Roca transformed his body during his time away from the team.

FC Bayern Muenchen Performance Diagnostics Photo by M. Donato/Getty Images for FC Bayern

Bayern Munich midfielder Marc Roca saw how Leon Goretzka’s dedication to working out helped transform his career and the Spaniard is looking to replicate that plan.

“When I came to Germany, I immediately noticed that football is very physical and intense. I knew I was missing a few things — I wanted to change that. You can already see the results, which I’m very happy about,” Roca told Bild. “I feel faster and more persistent on the pitch and, above all, stronger in duels. The visual aspect is absolutely secondary to me, it is simply the consequence of all this hard work.”

Roca credits his new physique and his stronger play during training to his work in the weight room.

”I do a lot more strength training than in Spain. At Bayern, it is obvious with some players, that strength is very important. In addition, of course, there is the speed, which must not be lost, and the diet,” said Roca. “I have been working with a nutritionist from Barcelona for three years. I feel physically better than ever!”

When asked specifically about Goretzka, Roca did no deny that he was influenced by the 26-year-old.

“Of course! I watch a lot from him. Not only is he a great player, he’s also a great teammate who I get on really well with,” Roca said. “I often ask him what he eats and how he works out. His muscle building is spectacular, I can learn from him!”

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