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Julian Nagelsmann knows the expectations at Bayern Munich are high

The new boss understands the high pressure environment at Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Muenchen Team Coach Portrait Shooting Photo by M. Donato/Getty Images for FC Bayern

Many would think that Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann has had a stress-free pathway to getting his dream job.

Nagelsmann, however, knows that surviving as a manager in top five European league is no easy task.

“To make it for five years now is a challenge. Sure, in the Bundesliga the half-life of the coach is usually not that long. Five years is a challenge. But basically it’s about taking over a very successful club, a very successful team that won everything you could win two years ago and, of course, had a great atmosphere with Hansi (Flick),” Nagelsmann told Sky Sport. “Then it’s always a special challenge to get in there. The fact that you try to bring your ideas in somehow, but not pretend too many things, but also give the players the necessary free hand and a long leash so that they can still bring their huge talent and their huge quality to the field. Nevertheless, always bring in a good measure and try to develop the individual players and to continue to accompany them on their successful path.”

Nagelsmann, though, noted that difference in environment when working with players who have already achieved everything as opposed to training young players who are fighting to prove themselves.

“It is of course a little different if you only work with 20-year-old talents who have not yet won anything, or who still want to become an established Bundesliga player, than if you now train with very established people who have won everything. That’s a little different. It is more of an accompaniment and of course you still want to give your things with you again and again,” Nagelsmann said.

Nagelsmann will be in the intriguing spot where he has a roster full of proven veterans, who are slowly headed into the twilight of their respective careers. Navigating how – and when – to start to help the club evolve toward the next generation of stars will be one of the new manager’s biggest tasks.

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