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Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann feels better typing out his game plans

The new boss loves to innovate, but also likes to think through his games plans by typing them out.

Press Conference And Training Kick Off Bayern München Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann is known for his new age style of coaching, the use of technology, and finding new and innovative ways to reach his players.

There is one “old school” practice that Nagelsmann still prefers, however, and that is typing out his game plans to get a better feel for what he wants to convey to his players.

“I actually like to do that, that I type everything through, but I haven’t gotten to that yet. It’s mainly about monthly goals. So far I’ve always had a book of notes, and it always contained the goal of the month — a number of points or goals that I wanted to work out with players,” Nagelsmann told Bild. “Sometimes it was too much, sometimes it was undercut. But I think you always have to get three points at Bayern anyway, so maybe I don’t need to type at all (laughs).”

Surely, Nagelsmann will be looking to do whatever it takes to get the “three points” whether that means firing up Microsoft Word or not.

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