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Julian Nagelsmann reflects on being young and in charge at Bayern Munich

The new boss found a decent chair at Säbener Straße.

FC Bayern Muenchen Training Session Photo by A. Beier/Getty Images for FC Bayern

The first few days of any new job can be uneasy for just about anyone.

For new Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann, the 34-year-old could rely on his strong self-belief.

“If you take on a leadership position at a young age, then you have to have a certain conviction of yourself — of your path, of your ideas. In the end, FC Bayern’s ‘Mia san mia’ means: You have to be convinced of your own path, not to rest on what you have achieved, but keep going and have good self-confidence,” Nagelsmann told Bild. “Know that you can achieve anything. Demonstrate the belief that you can be successful, that you want to win titles.”

When asked if Flick left any surprises for him in his office, Nagelsmann laughed and said there were a few things.

“I found good work materials: a chair, a couple of pens,” Nagelsmann said. “We spoke on the phone once, but that was a little longer ago. Hansi is on vacation, I was on vacation. I also wanted to get an idea for myself first, get to know all the people. Then I’ll call him again and we’ll talk in detail to get to know the players better, to find out his tricks that were good, or experiences that weren’t so good. He has won a lot of titles, taking his experience with him — not a single point breaks out of my crown.”

Some of that guidance from Flick might come in handy as Nagelsmann badly wants to win a Champions League title with Bayern Munich.

“The competition is of course very strong, it is an extremely demanding competition. Very often the form of the day decides, so it is absolutely impossible to predict. You need match luck, you need a lot of good ideas, a lot of good players. We have that, the prerequisites are all there,” Nagelsmann said. “I saw Hansi Flick’s farewell picture, the way he stood there was impressive: black picture and just the silver and gold trophies on the outside. So I thought it would be nice if there would be one of mine at some point.”

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