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Italy vs England, Euro 2020 Final Liveblog: Donnarumma denies England! Forza Italia!

Donnarumma brings football to Rome!

Italy v England - UEFA Euro 2020: Final Photo by Michael Regan - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Live Blog

Donnarumma stops Saka! Italy has won!

And now Pickford stops Jorginho!

Donnarumma stops Sancho’s shot! 4-3 Italy. Both of Southgate’s late subs for the penalties have missed.

Bernardeschi scores: 4-3 Italy

Rashford hits the post! 3-3. He tried to goad Donnarumma with a stutter-step, but he’s no Robert Lewandowski.

Bonucci scores: 3-3

Maguire scores: 2-3 England

Pickford saves Belotti’s shot: 2-2, advantage England

Kane scores: 2-2

Berardi scores: 2-1

Full time! Euro 2020 will be decided by penalties.

120+1’ — Three minutes of stoppage time as England tries to hold on. Rashford is forced to play right-back.

120’ — Lorenzi wins a corner kick. England sends on Marcus Rashford for Henderson and Jadon Sancho for Walker. Not ideal just before a set piece.

118’ — Substitution for Italy: Florenzi replaces Emerson.

117’ — The referee is unmoved by Belotti’s protests of a handball, after he kicks the ball directly into a defender’s unextended arm.

113’ — Jorginho steps on Grealish, who comes sliding into his path to clear the ball. He receives a yellow card. Grealish is in considerable pain. He took Joginho’s studs directly to his leg.

111’ — Chiellini artfully dispossesses Sterling deep in Italy’s penalty box.

108’ — Donnarumma comes flying to clear away a dangerous ball before Stones can head it. Italy strikes back, but Belotti is called offside.

106’ — Maguire sees the yellow card. Bernardeschi’s free kick is on target, and Pickford drops it, but he recovers before Italy can pounce on the second ball.

106’ — Marcus Rashford is suiting up as the second half of extra time commences.

105+1’ — One minute of extra time. The first half comes to a close as a foul nullifies a free kick by Shaw.

105’ — The crowd boos as Kane is warned for fouling Jorginho.

105’ — Locatelli is blocked twice at the edge of the penalty area.

103’ — Pickford makes an outstanding save to deny Bernardeschi a tap-in off a fantastic cross by Emerson out left.

99’ — Substitution: Jack Grealish comes on for Mason Mount.

96’ — What a clearance by Chiellini, who comes streaking inside to deny Sterling a one on one chance. The corner is cleared outside, but Phillips takes a dangerous shot from outside. Wide.

Substitution for Italy: Locatelli replaces Verratti.

92’ — Bernardeschi makes a run, but play is halted after Emerson body-blocks Henderson in pursuit.

91’ — Italy replaces Insigne with Belotti as extra time commences.

That’s the end of regular time. We will have another thirty minutes of extra time!

90+6’ — Chiellini yanks Saka to the ground by the jersey and sees the yellow card for it. Probably worth it.

90+4’ — Italy is putting England under immense pressure and dominating possession. The deepest Italian center-back is on the halfway line.

90’ — Six minutes of stoppage time to close out the second half.

89’ — Sterling zips into Italy’s penalty area but cannot outrun Bonucci and dribbles the ball over the goal line.

86’ — Chiesa’s day is over: Bernardeschi replaces the most dynamic attacker of the game.

84’ — Insigne is carded for a nasty tackle on Phillips.

80’ — Chiesa is bowled over by Walker and remains on the ground. He seems to have injured his leg. It would be a major blow to the Italians if he cannot continue.

The physios treat his right ankle on the pitch while the crowd boos vigorously. Chiesa walks off the pitch briefly before he rejoins the game.

79’ — Verratti is warned for a foul on Saka. Tensions running high.

75’ — Barardi again: he takes the ball deep into England’s penalty area, but just cannot get off a shot through the swarm of defenders around him.

74’ — Another nervy scene: Barardi volleys the ball over the bar as he collects a long ball one on one with Pickford. Italy looks dangerous.

Substitution for England: Henderson comes on for Rice.

70’ — Boos echo in Wembley as the referee calls “play on” after Jorginho levels Kane.

70’ — Now Southgate makes a move: Saka replaces Trippier, as England shifts to a back four.

67’ — GOAL for Italy! Leonardo Bonucci gets the last touch on a loose ball in front of England’s goal. The corner kick was awarded for after England cleared a dangerous attack launched by Chiesa.

64’ — Stones heads the ball over the crossbar off a corner.

62’ — Insigne shoots low toward the far post, but Pickford makes a diving save to deny him.

55’ — Bonucci is carded for a hard foul on Sterling.

54’ — Substitutions for Italy: Cristane and Barardi come on for Barella and Immobile.

50’ — Sterling bowls over Insigne, giving Italy a direct free kick from just beyond the penalty arc. Insigne shoots the ball past the top right corner.

48’ — Sterling drives into the box and goes down while tangling with Bonucci, but the referee has no interest in rewarding him with a penalty.

46’ — We’re back. England begins the second half in possession.

Halftime — Italy came into the game after a fairly fruitless first half, but England’s gritty midfield has largely stalled the Italians’ engine.

47’ — Jorginho attempts a volley off a good cross from right, but the ball is blocked by a defender. Verratti turns and shoots the rebound, but Pickford handles the shot easily.

45’ — Four minutes of stoppage time will be played.

44’ — Sterling goes down easily in the box, but Chiellini is not having it, and neither is the referee.

41’ — Italy wins a free kick thanks to Mason mount but cannot turn it into a chance.

36’ — England retaliates almost immediately: Luke Shaw beats his man and delivers a low cross right across the face of goal, but Sterling cannot reach it.

35’ — Chiesa fights his way forward through England’s defense and fires a dangerous shot that goes just wide of the right post. Best chance for Italy yet.

31’ — Italy makes a little noise in England’s penalty area, but the Azurri just cannot break through.

28’ — Insigne fires a long range shot wide of goal. He appears frustrated.

25’ — Now Insigne attempts a run up the left, but he too cannot penetrate England’s defense to reach his striker.

24’ — Chiesa tries to start something for Italy with a fast run up the right flank, but his low cross intended for Immobile is easily intercepted and cleared.

22’ — Jorginho is down with an apparent knee injury. Unclear whether it’s serious. He walks off the pitch for treatment with Italy’s physios.

20’ — Chiellini is cautioned for bringing down Harry Kane.

14’ — Mount wins a corner for England.

13’ — Still rattled, Italy’s di Lorenzo concedes a corner on a bad touch.

10’ — Still on the attack, Walker finds Trippier wide right with a great through ball. Trippier crosses inside for Sterling, but Chiellini beats him to the ball.

7’ — Insigne sends a curling direct free kick sailing over the bar.

2’ — GOAL for England! What a stunner! With virtually their first possession, England drives the ball forward. Kieren Trippier delivers a perfect, arching cross from wide right to the far post, where Luke Shaw buries it in the narrow slot between the left post and the keeper.

2’ — Italy wins an early corner but cannot do anything with it.

1’ — The ball is rolling! Italy begin in possession.

Italy, do whatever you have to do, but DO NOT let England win. We’ll never hear the end of it.

Have fun discussing the game below!

Match Info

Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England

Time: 21:00 CEST

TV/streaming: ESPN+, Find Your Country

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