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New Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann is a big fan of Federico Chiesa

Nagelsmann makes no secret of his enthusiasm for the Juventus striker, whose style of play he greatly appreciates—as well as his price tag.

Italy Training Session & Press Conference Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

In a full-length interview with Bild, new Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann candidly poured a little fuel on the fire concerning his club’s interest in Italian winger Federico Chiesa. The Juventus player has had a fantastic campaign at Euro 2020.

Bild naturally brought up word of Nagelsmann’s interest in the Italian winger. And Nagelsmann did not deny it:

“Yes, he’s good, but also expensive. He’s a fantastic player, because he personifies incredible panache and dynamism,” Nagelsmann said.

Nagelsmann has evidently been tracking Chiesa well ahead of his current European campaign, and he may also have given some insight into his own attacking philosophy in his praise for Chiesa: “I’ve known him for a long time and think he’s outstanding because he’s so carefree, often dribbling and looking for a degree very quickly. He simply embodies great power and even does things that will never actually work. He just does them, wants to put things in motion. He is very quick and a very good finisher.”

There is the reality of the transfer market, of course: “But he also caries a very, very big price tag,” Nagelsmann concluded. Chiesa’s transfer fee is reputed to be as high as €90 million—effectively beyond Bayern’s declared means.

But Nagelsmann is not worried. “We have four or five very good offensive stars. If they’re healthy, then that’s plenty.”

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