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Jose Mourinho thinks Germany could crash out of the group stage at the Euros

And the worst part is — he could be right.

Germany v Denmark - International Friendly Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Another day, and another world-renowned manager clowns on Germany’s chances at the Euros. This time it was Jose Mourinho, who analyzed each country’s upcoming chances in a long form published by The Sun. Here’s the relevant bit for Germany:

JOACHIM LOW’S side were awful in qualification and were awful in the Nations League.

They had a historical result by losing at home against North Macedonia.

It’s quite hard to understand why they were so poor in the past couple of years.

Just to note, he probably knows exactly why Germany have been so poor. Everyone does. However, Mourinho is a lot more balanced a pundit than he is as a coach, and this reflects in his opinions. Calling out Joachim Low hasn’t exactly caught on in the English language press.

Anyway, there’s more to his analysis:

But now this is the moment of the truth. And normally in the moment of the truth, Germany are going to be there.

Low is leaving after the Euros and will want to go out on a high.

This will also be the last Euros for players like Thomas Muller, Mats Hummels and Manuel Neuer.

They are always a team to fear. They are soldiers. They are very disciplined guys.

They have some very talented young guys there - Joshua Kimmich is an example of fantastic young player that is going to be not just the present, but the future of the country.

The Germans are the Germans ... and I think this says everything.

Mourinho knows the German team has quality, and he’s obviously right. Between Bayern Munich and Chelsea, the Joachim Low could realistically field an entire XI composed exclusively of Champions League winners from the last 12 months. Many of these guys are multiple UCL winners and a few are veterans from the 2014 World Cup triumph. Quality is not an issue.

However, the truth is a little more somber.

I think they can be out in the group phase. It can happen.

But I think if they go through the group phase, they can go all the way.

I think it’s very obvious what Mourinho’s saying here, and he’s right. If Germany manage to get out of the groups, then that means Jogi has solved his tactical problems. If that happens, then no team can realistically outclass the Germans on the field — not even France. BUT if he continues with this misguided playstyle he’s implemented, then Germany’s Euros could be cut short before things even get started.

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