Interview by YouTube of who will likely survive, of the 16 quarter finalists.

Well, three football commentators spent 1 hour covering all of the 8 quarter final games yesterday evening. They were pretty consistent as to who they considered would be moving on, except for the England versus Germany game. They were right for calling the first two games on Saturday

When they came to predict the England vs Germany game results, the first assessment was that it would be a difficult and frustrating game to watch, Two of the commentators, a male and female, picked England because of their play consistency and calm player attitude, while Germany has been the most inconsistent team, hot and cold, and difficult to predict as to what will happen on Tuesday, The other male commentator said he cannot decide which team to pick, especially with Germany's love for Mueller with one leg. I guess, I am not the only one who feels that way. As I wrote before, I was born in Germany, I support the German teams and learned how to play football with Eintracht Frankfurt between 1948 and 1950, then carried on playing football in Canada for some 15 more years while at high school and at the University of Toronto, playing in Inter-university games, during my Bachelor Engineering Degree and MBA Master Degrees, as team captain .So I hope that Loew makes the right decision to keep Mueller away from the stadium, so that he cannot influence players of the German team, like he did with Kroos at the corner debacle, which was totally unnecessary and embarrassing, while playing against Hungary. Kroos is amore experience and a more valuable and level headed player than Mueller, yet gets dominated by Mueller. That's all from me.

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