Germany does not need a repeat of what happened on June 23

How about Mueller's serious knee injury, unable to play. Possibly for the the remaining championship series. My immediate reaction was that this was a Mueller game strategy. If the team was showing results of losing while he sat on the bench, it would indicated that without him, game over. Then he convinces Loew to put him into the game during the second half as the savior and look, no signs of any knee injury, but a quick second goal against Germany, just after he entered.

Then this crazy play with Kroos at a called corner shot, when Mueller told Kroos to pass the ball to him within 2 meters, instead of Kroos doing his usual corner shot. The pass failed with a replay required and Mueller forced Kroos to do the same move, two more times without success, requiring repeat corner replays each time, losing valuable minutes to get a goal, to tie the game. Why?. Glad that Goretzka also joined and then finally Musiala also joined, initiating the well earned goal by Goretzka, which brought the well earned tie and kept Germany alive moving to the quarter finals. No hanks to Mueller.

Loew should step down now. I had hoped that he would have made at least three changes at the start of the second period, namely to add Suele, Goretzka and Musiala, as Ginter was ineffective when it came to necessary good passes, also replacing Guendogan with Goretzka and either Gnabry or Gosens with Musiala. Hopefully Loew leaned from his poor judgement and please keep Mueller on the bench or even better at home to take care of his knee

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