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Six observations from Germany’s stress-filled 2-2 draw vs Hungary

In the defining match of Group F, Germany went head to head against Hungary in order to decide who advances to the Round of 16.

Germany v Hungary Photo by Laurens Lindhout/Soccrates/Getty Images

Hello, Szallai. Hungary strikes first

I mean, frankly no words. Impeccable cross, incredible header. Absolutely nothing Neuer could have done. Frankly, i’m not angry about it. Hummel’s and Rüdiger were where they needed to be. That’s how good of a cross that was. Just see for yourself.

Löw finds new ways to surprise us

Look, for what it is worth I will give Hungary credit where they deserve it. They stunned France by holding them to a 1-1 draw earlier this week at Pukas Arena. That being said, Jogi Löw, what the absolute hell was this? This first half has got to be one of the worst halfs i’ve ever seen. I understand, it was an absolute monsoon for a good chunk. But you have an ungodly talented team and all you can muster for them is passing mindlessly in the defense and going out wide? Really, that's it? You’re making Diego Simeone proud.

But seriously, you should not, and I repeat NOT ever start Toni Kroos and Ilkay Gündoğan together in the same midfield. I mean it. Germany’s best midfield play occurred with the combination of Thomas Müller, Jamala Musiala, and Leon Goretzka and it is not remotely close. Germany was utterly dominate during the last 10 minutes, breaking through the previously impenetrable Hungarian defense. So either Löw makes the hard choices and makes Leon Goretzka a starting midfielder along with Thomas Müller, or risk losing to Gareth Southgates England side on tuesday.

Hungarian fortress

What more can I say about Hungary’s defense? Key interceptions, near-constant wins on 1v1’s versus some of the most talented ball handlers in the world in Serge Gnabry, Kai Havertz and Leroy Sané, and extremely cohesive as a unit.

Mind you, the aforementioned German’s all played miserably and lost alot of 1v1 challenges. That, however, should not take away from how proud this Hungarian team should be returning home. They had every right to win this game and only lost on a late end bit of spectacular play from Germany. In all honesty, the entire Bavarian Football Works slack chat was filled with a considerable amount of pessimism following that second Hungarian goal (Looking at you Teddy Son & Schnitzel). That being said, we’re all ecstatic about frankly a crazy matchup that should have 2010 World Cup vibes all around it. Get ready for the England stans, however.

Germany draws level and then Hungary...I, uh, well.

I have no words.


Why he was not starting, I do not know. I can only imagine it has to be a question surrounding his potential match fitness. That aside, he should’ve come on the start of the second half. He’s clearly Germany’s best midfielder not named Thomas Müller and he straight up saved Jogi Löw’s backside. Side note, Goretzka is now one of my favorite players for Germany. He absolutely and knowingly aimed that heart at the Hungarian Ultra’s (Who are well known for their homophobia and racism) Love is Love, not hate. Keep it going, Leon.

Looking Forward

Hello Gareth Southgate, England, and Wembley Stadium. For our sake let's hope Southgate is still a moron at managing a football team and leaves Jadon Sancho on the bench. Otherwise, that’s a matchup to look out for.

Löw has alot of work to do. This has been nothing short of a roller coaster between a tight game vs France, the demolition of Portugal, and a game vs Hungary we frankly should have lost. Germany has the talent to beat Southgate, Kane, & Co., but the question is will we? Time will tell.

But hey, Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller, and Toni Kroos all know something about win or go home match at Wembley.

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