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Bayern Munich disappointed by UEFA’s decision to ban the rainbow flag from Germany vs. Hungary

UEFA is liable to end up with a lot of egg on its face because of this decision.

FC Bayern Muenchen v TSG Hoffenheim - Bundesliga Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

As fans of Bayern Munich, we can be safe in the knowledge that the club values all of its fans, no matter race, gender, or sexual orientation. This has been a core principle of the organization since the very beginning, and very much in line with the team’s “Mia San Mia” motto. Therefore, the club has released a statement decrying UEFA’s decision to not allow the Allianz Arena to be lit up in rainbow colors before Germany face Hungary in the final group game of the season.

In case you missed it, here’s some background info. The Munich city council, which is hosting the event, passed a resolution to have the Allianz Arena lit up in rainbow colors for Germany vs Hungary. This would’ve been a strong message of solidarity in the wake of Hungary’s new anti-LGBT laws. However, UEFA have denied the request based on the following grounds:

(Side note: Finding this statement on any official UEFA accounts was an exercise in frustration, so I eventually give up. Would’ve been nice to see the replies on THAT tweet.)

Bayern Munich, who are the original owners of the Allianz Arena, have come out with the following statement:

However, while the Allianz Arena may not get to be lit up for the game, plenty of stadiums around Germany will light up with rainbow colors instead.

Berlin, Wolfsburg, Koln, Arminia, and Augsburg have also joined in on the act, and many more teams are likely to follow suit. They may not look quite as nice as the Allianz Arena, but the message still counts.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering why any of this is necessary, let’s allow UEFA themselves to explain it for us:

I wonder what happened to that attitude? Oh well, let’s hope that some intern somewhere accidentally flips the wrong switch tomorrow night, and UEFA end up with so much egg on their face that they look like an omelet.

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