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Julian Nagelsmannn is a big fan of motorcycle rides, parallels mental strength of motorcyclists to footballers

Nagelsmann already seems ten times cooler than he did before. Would’ve never taken him as a motorcycle guy before.


In a recent interview with Bild am Sonntag along with German motorcycle racer Marcel Schrötter, new Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann revealed that he’s a big fan of motorcycles himself (Az). Nagelsmann had befriended Schrötter during his playing days. He had played with Schrötter’s brother at FC Issing early in his career and the German motorcyclist joked that now, he can’t go on riding trips with Nagelsmann because he doesn’t possess a motorcycle license outside of racing. Instead, he’d have to follow Nagelsmann’s Ducati on a scooter, he joked.

For Nagelsmann, he sees riding motorcycles as something that can really help clear his head. “It’s just fun because you clear your head,” he said. It can certainly be a dangerous hobby to have, but the incoming Bayern manager said that he never pushes the limit and always stays within a safe speed zone when he rides; “I’m not a speedster, because I’m a family dad and my own life is worthy too much for me to put it at risk unnecessarily.”

Competitive motorcycle racing takes an incredibly strong mental breed to be able to do the sport that they do. The sheer amount of danger involved each and every time they suit up to race at a high speed and velocities requires an extreme amount of mental toughness. Not to mention, the slightest wrong move can be fatal, so absolute focus is always required. Because of this, Nagelsmann spoke of his fondness of the mental strength and desire that motorcycle racers possesses. He wishes he saw that same hunger and mental fortitude amongst young footballers across the board. “Sticking with it — initially without any monetary compensation. The way to the top is very, very long. This unconditional will to join the elite circle is lacking in many young footballers, some of whom give up too early,” he explained.

We can’t say whether or not we’ll see Nagelsmann pulling up to Sabener Strasse on a Harley Davidson on July 1st, but he’ll certainly put forth his best efforts to have the squad stay mentally tough. It’s also a blessing in disguise that we’ll now have endless opportunity to drop motorcycle references from pop culture when we write or speak about Nagelsmann. Can anyone else picture a “Wild Hogs” remake, but just with Bundesliga managers. Imagine Christian Streich and Nagelsmann pulling up to a biergarten on Harleys; the amount of cool that would exude.


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