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Bavarian Podcast Works —Weekend Warm-up Episode 4: Fallout from Germany’s expected loss to France where the go from here; Germany’s future plans; Julian Nagelsmann using a back-three; The latest transfer talk with Bayern Munich; and MORE!

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Are you ready for the weekend?

Germany Herzogenaurach Training Session Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

What a week it has been.

We’ve got Bayern Munich and Germany news FOR DAYS, so why don’t you sit back for a bit and hear what we’ve got to say about the hottest topics of the week.

This is what we have on the agenda this week:

  • Germany dropped a 1-0 heartbreaker to France that wasn’t....that bad (!?). Will Joachim Löw change things up or will he ride or die with his 3-4-3?
  • The future with Die Mannschaft is going to have a different look and feel as Hansi Flick is about to be the catalyst for the dawn of a new era.
  • Bayern Munich’s Julian Nagelsmann is going to cause some roster craziness if he really uses a 3-4-3.
  • The latest transfer news.

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Enjoy the episode!