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Despite slow start for Germany at the Euros, Chelsea’s Kai Havertz still has believers

Klaus Fischer knows Kai Havertz will do great things.

France v Germany - UEFA Euro 2020: Group F Photo by Markus Gilliar/Getty Images

Klaus Fischer knows talent when he sees it and the former German scoring machine recognizes that Chelsea’s Kai Havertz has a big future ahead of him with Die Mannschaft.

“I saw him in the Champions League final against Manchester City and he played brilliantly,” said Fischer in an interview with the website NetBet. “He’s a young player who has a great left foot, but he’s not a real center-forward, that’s clear to see. He certainly doesn’t feel comfortable there, but he’s a huge talent, he plays in one of the best teams in the world at Chelsea and he will continue to develop.”

Like many, Fischer saw Havertz struggle to acclimated early in his tenure with Chelsea, but he was not worried that the former Bayer Leverkusen player would let his early scuffles define him.

“When you come to a different country and to a different team as a young player, you have to establish yourself,” Fischer said. “I think that he prevailed, seeing as he scored the deciding goal in the final in the Champions League and also because he has a German coach who teaches him the German virtues.”

Fischer also thinks that Havertz ultimately made the best move for his career in going to Chelsea.

“He needs to demonstrate these virtues in England too, because they probably play the best football in terms of speed and physicality” Fischer remarked. “I do believe that he has what it takes to assert himself because he can score goals. He’s also a smart player who knows how to play, but a young player who is not the finished article yet in his development.”

As it would for any young player, Fischer thinks the Champions League game-winner has been a huge boost to Havertz’s confidence.

“That goal has probably given him an incredible boost and he will continue to score goals in England,” Fischer said.

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