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Lothar Matthäus: Why Nagelsmann will have a hard time at Bayern Munich

Lothar Matthäus believes that Julian Nagelsmann will have extreme pressure for immediate success in Bavaria, and that the expectations will be enormous.

Borussia Moenchengladbach v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Alex Gottschalk/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Bayern Munich broke the transfer record for a coach when they snatched up Julian Nagelsmann from RB Leipzig for a sum of up to 25 million euros. While this is an incredibly high fee, it shows just how much Bayern values Nageslmann and the services he will provide to the club. Like all things in life, when you spend a ton of money on something, you want it to do well, work great, and so on. This is no different from the situation at Allianz Arena.

Lothar Matthäus has chimed in on the expectations for Naglesmann and believes that he will have the hardest job of any new coach in the Bundesliga. “It won’t be easy for anyone, the hardest for Nagelsmann. He has to become a master. What he wanted with Leipzig, he MUST do with Bayern,” said Matthäus in an interview with Sport Bild. It is true that there will be a demand for immediate success, and strong performances in the Champions League.

While the pressures of a Bayern Munich manager are by no means new, they have been elevated due to the achievements of Hansi Flick during his tenure with Bayern Munich. Not only that, but they broke the transfer record for a coach just to get him here.

The German legend explains: “He is condemned to this because of past successes, and also comes as the most expensive coach in the world. Nagelsmann is condemned to first place and is therefore under the most pressure.”

Yes, Lothar, this is all true. But I choose to look at this in a different light. Nagelsmann is going to be backed by the club and have the support. Bayern Munich clearly values Nagelsmann and will make an effort to support him. And even if there isn’t an immediate success, the team won’t sack someone they just spent 25 million euros on right away. This is supposed to be a long-term project anyway.

Let’s all be realistic with ourselves and trust in our new manager. We should all be hoping to usher in a great era under Nagelsmann, rather than make all sorts of assumptions before he even arrives at the Allianz. Naglesmann knows the Bundesliga and he knows what it takes to succeed. He will be under pressure but he can revitalize our defense and I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in Bavaria.

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