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Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich gives Atalanta’s Robin Gosens an earful during drill with Germany

Joshua Kimmich is already in midseason form when it comes to chiding his teammates.

Germany Seefeld Training Camp Day 2 Photo by Andreas Schaad/Getty Images

According to a report from Sport1, Atalanta’s Robin Gosens got a taste of what every Bayern Munich player already knows: Joshua Kimmich hates losing.

To anyone.


In any environment — practice, game, skee-ball lanes, Mario Kart, mini-golf, etc.

During two-on-two drills during Germany’s practice today, Kimmich and Gosens were teamed up and the pairing was not exactly off to a great start initially. After Kimmich slid a pass to Gosens, the Atalanta star missed the wide-open mini-net, which displeased the Bayern Munich star:

“Are you trying to screw me, ey!?” the Bayern star hissed. “We need goals!”

Gosens, meanwhile, was unhappy with himself for the big miss:

Gosens upset himself about his miss: “What do I have for a foot? (Crap)!”

The duo’s lack of cohesion upset Kimmich enough to see him launch a ball out of play in anger:

Kimmich was so upset after this exercise that he thundered off of the pitch.

Eventually, however, Kimmich clamed himself down and supported Gosens with some encouragement:

Both wanted success — and had it a little later. “Awesome, kid,” he shouted to Gosens after a goal.

Nevertheless, Kimmich’s was angry once again when his team was called for offside:

At the final game, by the way, Kimmich was again in a grumbling mood. When fitness coach Krunoslav Banovcic indicated a goal was offside, Kimmich yelled loudly, “What? Never! Who’s supposed to have been offside?”

Clearly, Kimmich is already in midseason form.

Here is some footage of the drill captured by Sportbuzzer, as the team of Thomas Müller and Hummels took on Niklas Süle and Leroy Sane:

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