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Former Bayern Munich assistant coach Miroslav Klose will be forced to take a break

Miroslav Klose also talked about his future and confirmed that he wants to become a head coach soon, and therefore, he rejected Hansi Flick’s invitation to the DFB.

FC Bayern Muenchen - Training Session Photo by S. Widmann/Getty Images for FC Bayern

Bayern Munich parted ways with a couple of players and their coaching staff at the end of this season. Hansi Flick will take over the DFB job after the European Championships. Flick planned to take Hermann Gerland and Miroslav Klose with him to the national team, but things quickly went south for Klose.

In an interview with kicker, Klose explained that he was in serious talks with a couple of teams, but now the former striker will have to take an involuntary break. He said that three weeks ago, he started feeling pain in his leg. Then, the team went to the quarantine procedure, and suddenly it got worse. He went to the club doctor and was shocked by the diagnosis.

Klose said: “I have two thromboses (blood clots) in my leg. I was immediately given medication and special stockings. The doctors made it very clear to me that this situation should not be joked with. They prescribed almost total rest. I can’t jog, can’t swim - but above all, can’t play football. I almost went crazy at the training camp. Not being able to kick or show the exercises to the players — simply not being able to do anything actively, it was cruel.”

Klose later added that he just could not imagine himself starting a coaching career like that — be a passive observer on the sidelines. But now he feels better, as the pain is gone, but he still has to wear special socks.

Miroslav Klose won’t be joining Hansi Flick at the German national team

Klose also confirmed that he won’t become Hansi Flick’s assistant at the national team, saying: “Continuing to be a co-coach feels like the wrong way to go, even if it would have been a good fit with Hansi Flick as national coach, both in human and professional terms. But it would be the more comfortable way, and I don’t want to go down that path. I’ve always chosen the rocky road.”

Klose also said that he will be seeing a specialist in two weeks and hopes that his precautious measures helped his condition and that he’ll be back on the pitch soon. “Unfortunately, I have to take this short time out now. I’m not interested in just giving instructions lifelessly at the side during training.”

We’re all holding our fingers crossed for Klose, and hopefully, we’ll see him on the sidelines of a Bundesliga club very soon.

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