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Agent longs for the days of dealing with Uli Hoeneß at Bayern Munich

Uli Hoeneß was a man of his word at Bayern Munich during contract negotiations.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen v FC Bayern Muenchen - DFB Cup Final Photo by Ronald Wittek/Pool via Getty Images

Uli Hoeneß was a lot of things over the years at Bayern Munich, but what agents seems to know Hoeneß best for was keeping his word.

Ulrich Ferber, founder of the fair-sport GmbH agency, recently sat down with Goal and SPOX for an extensive interview, and commented on how dealing with Hoeneß meant you would not get thrown any late-breaking curveballs.

“The pace became more rapid and reliability was lost. If you used to talk to Uli Hoeneß at FC Bayern, for example, you could be sure that everything that was discussed and agreed was implemented one hundred percent,” Ferber said of his dealings with Hoeneß. “Nowadays a lot of people have an influence on decisions and the people involved are exchanged more often. If you watch a youth game, there are maybe 70 advisors out of 100 spectators. It’s a punch and a sting. The basis for a real partnership is no longer given as it used to be. The fun is lost and that was always in the foreground for me.”

Ferber could have saved himself some words and just echoed Cutty from The Wire and said, “the game done changed.”

Does that make Uli, Proposition Joe? I don’t know, but I think I want to watch The Wire again.

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