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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge frustrated, Hansi Flick annoyed over constant chatter on his future at Bayern Munich

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In a chaotic time for the club, Bayern Munich’s boss speaks out against the constant speculations over Bayern’s managerial position.

FC Bayern Muenchen v Atletico Madrid: Group A - UEFA Champions League Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has had enough with the media. In recent weeks, the club executives have been bombarded with questions over Hansi Flick’s future role with Bayern Munich and the possibility of Flick taking on the role of German national team manager once Joachim Löw vacates his position after this year’s European Championship.

Discussions about Julian Nagelsmann taking over Hansi Flick’s role have become more and more prevalent and cannot be ignored. Rummenigge has become increasingly frustrated with this recent talk becoming the focal point of the media rather than finishing the season on a strong note.

At this point, injuries have weakened hopes of a Champions League victory for Bayern and the club is under fire at the moment. The team needs to focus all their attention on the upcoming performances and not worry about off-the-pitch issues.

Rummenigge is not the only one who has called out these recent remarks. Hansi Flick has also chimed in on these remarks and stressed the fact that everyone needs to settle down and focus, as he told media, “I’m trying to solve the whole thing in the interests of the club. I don’t want to comment on anything else. I do not want to comment anymore. We have such a great team and they deserve calm during this important phase. Everyone has to stick to that”. Flick has taken the right outlook here and it is great to see his attention in solely on the upcoming fixtures.

Earlier today, Flick addressed the issue head-on at his press conference (as captured by Tz).

“I want to focus now on what’s important: the team and success. I’m also partly to blame for things going in. But we forget everything now, I want to solve the whole thing so that it is for the good of the club. I absolutely understand that you all always want to get something new out of me. That is your job. But I don’t feel like it anymore and I won’t answer those questions in the future. This is such an awesome team. It deserves to be focused on,” Flick said.

FC Bayern Munich - Paris Saint-Germain
A frustrated Hansi Flick overlooks a disappointing defeat to Paris Saint-German at the Allianz Arena.
Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images

After making that statement, Flick ended any attempt on a follow-up from reporters by saying, “Next question.”

Just last month, Rummenigge said that the club would be crazy to let Flick go this summer. However, a lot has changed in just a few weeks and the outlook has been dampened. Time will tell what will happen and who we will see on the sidelines next season. We will have to trust that the management will do what is best for the club.