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Is Bayern Munich interested in Celta Vigo center-back Joseph Aidoo or is it the other way around?

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This might be the most bizarre transfer rumor we’ve seen so far this year.

Club Atletico de Madrid v RC Celta de Vigo - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding a transfer rumor involving Bayern Munich and Celta Vigo’s 25-year-old center-back Joseph Aidoo. The odd part of this rumor is that it seems to be driven more by the player than the club.

Sport1 reporter Florian Plettenberg had Aidoo on his podcast “Meine Bayern-Woche” and the player said: “To play for FC Bayern one day is my childhood dream.”

Aidoo was surprised at how much support he got for that statement.

“A lot of people have encouraged me to fulfill my dream. They told me that one day they would see me play for Bayern,” said Aidoo, who did not put a timetable on when he could potentially make this dream come to life. “It can take days, weeks, months or years. It doesn’t matter. I have to be there when the opportunity arises.”

In an odd twist, Plettenberg asked Bayern Munich manager Hansi Flick about Aidoo at his press conference on Friday and the 56-year-old abruptly dismissed the query and deferred the question to sporting director Hasan “Brazzo” Salihamidzic before offering his own vague statement (as captured by Tz):

Sport1 reporter Florian Plettenberg had investigated — and Flick was initially not amused. “Mr. Plettenberg, nice. Really, such an Easter question — madness,” he said, shaking his head. “I can’t and don’t want to say anything about that,” he continued.

With that, the issue of Aidoo seemed over. But then the Bayern coach was still in the mood to talk — and sent a clear message to the journalist: “You can perhaps ask Brazzo the question — whether the scouting department knows him? If he has the disposition and the quality, I think they’ll look into him. That’s why it’s a matter that could perhaps be asked differently.”

If only “Ask Brazzo” was an option when my kids start hammering with questions I don’t know how to answer.