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Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick won’t comment on DFB job or interfere with Thomas Müller’s potential return to Germany

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Hansi Flick just wants to focus on Bayern Munich.

Atletico Madrid v FC Bayern Muenchen: Group A - UEFA Champions League Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Bayern Munich manager Hansi Flick has had an up-close-and-personal view of Thomas Müller’s fantastic season.

Flick appreciates what Müller brings to the pitch and to the locker room and has heard the rumors that the 31-year-old could be recalled to the German national team two years after first being banished by Joachim Löw. Flick, however, won’t get personally involved in any decision that Löw makes.

“I don’t have to interfere. Thomas Müller is playing a sensational season. He can be important for other teams too, but in the end it has to be decided by Jogi,” Flick said (as captured by Tz). “He pushes his teammates again and again, also in training. I am glad that we have such players in our ranks.”

As for his own potential in taking a job with the DFB, Flick was not amused to have to answer another question on that subject.

“After this season, I’ll go on vacation first. I’ve said everything about it, I don’t know why you’re asking again,” Flick said.