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Conflicting reports on final fees from Bayern Munich to RB Leipzig for Julian Nagelsmann

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You have to pay for talent and Bayern Munich did just that.

SV Werder Bremen v RB Leipzig - Bundesliga Photo by Max Maiwald/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Per a report from Tz journalist Manuel Bonke, Bayern Munich has sent RB Leipzig an initial fee of €15 million for Julian Nagelsmann.

The overall sum could rise based on performance bonuses, but will allegedly not “break €20 million” per Bonke. The amazing part of the mini-transfer saga for Nagelsmann was just how quickly business was done between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig:

With the successfully concluded negotiations between #FCBayern and #RBLeipzig, the transfer fee for Julian also shrinks #Nagelsmann: #FCB sends #RB just under 15 million as a base amount. Even with bonuses, the amount will not break the 20 million hurdle.#FCBTransfersommer

Sport Bild, however, stated that Bayern Munich sent RB Leipzig a “two-digit million” initial fee, but said the bonus range could push the total fee up to €25 million.

Bayern are transferring a two-digit million amount to Leipzig, which including bonuses can rise to up to 25 million euros.

Prior to these reports, the rumored fees for Nagelsmann had ranged from €15 million to €30 million, but it appears that the Bavarians were able to get a deal done that they were comfortable with —whatever that number might eventually rise to.