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Report: Several top-tier clubs contacting Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski’s agent...huh?

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This came out of nowhere.

1. FSV Mainz 05 v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Alexander Scheuber/Getty Images

According to a report from Sky’s Max Bielefeld, several clubs have contacted the agent of Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski.

We don’t have a Bavarian WTF Works, but maybe we should?

Anyway, Bielefeld thumbed out a tweet with this report stating that “several European top-tier clubs” are interested in the Polish Hitman. More, Bayern Munich is aware of the contact, but wants to keep Lewandowski:

A few years ago when Lewandowski was positioning himself for a new deal we went through a whole spring and summer of transfer rumors regarding the Poland international. Now, however, Lewandowski is close to entering the two-year window of his contract ending and it seems like it is time for the agent game to start.

You know that game...don’t you? The one where there is a bunch of sudden interest sparked seemingly out of nowhere for a player who needs a contract extension within one year or else his current club will be at risk of losing him for free. It is an extension or a sale...there really is no in-between in this game.

That’s the period that Lewandowski is entering, so a report like this leaking is not all that shocking. For Lewandowski, it has been assumed that Bayern Munich would look closely at a contract extension given his excellent physical condition and his sustained excellence on the pitch.

For now, though, it Bayern Munich has more pressing contract matters with younger players. Assuredly, there will be time for the club to sit down with Lewandowski and plot out a pathway forward.