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Negotiation poker: Bayern Munich, Hansi Flick, RB Leipzig, Julian Nagelsmann, and the DFB!

There’s a lot of moving part, but it now looks certain that Julian Nagelsmann is set to replace Flick at Bayern.

Olympique Lyonnais v Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Semi Final Photo by Franck Fife/Pool via Getty Images

As of breaking news this morning, it looks quite certain that Bayern Munich will be letting Hansi Flick leave the club at the end of the season, and that RB Leipzig’s Julian Nagelsmann will replace him. Flick had asked to leave at the end of the season and made those intentions public after Bayern’s 3-2 win at Wolfsburg two weekends ago.

At this point, Bayern’s front office will not stand in the way of him leaving as he is the clear favorite to replace Joachim Low as the German National Team manager after this summer’s European Championships. It’s just a matter of dotting the “I’s” and crossing the “T’s” as far as getting Nagelsmann to Bayern and Flick to Die Mannschaft; however, there are a lot of moving parts, and the DFB does not want to have to spend cash on a transfer fee to have Flick to replace Low.

Per a report from AZ, Flick was present at Sabener Strasse today for routine COVID testing. While there was brief communications with some members of his coaching staff, there was no communication between him and the club’s front office even though the Nagelsmann news had broke.

After Bayern’s 2-1 loss at Mainz, it was said that Bayern’s front office would be meeting at some point during the two week break from Bundesliga matches to negotiate and finalize Flick’s departure from the club; however, no specific date within that two-week frame has been set. Bayern doesn’t play again until May 8th, against Borussia Monchengladbach.

As far as Nagelsmann joining Bayern from Leipzig, securing the proper departure for Flick is the only roadblock left other than getting the exact transfer fee hashed out. Sport1’s Florian Plettenberg has confirmed these details and added that Flick is being represented by lawyer Christoph Schickhardt in the departure negotiations.

DFB Vice President Rainer Koch affirmed that the DFB does not want to have to pay a transfer fee to get Flick to replace Low. Other than a transfer fee, though, there are other options for the DFB that could be well within reach as far as being able to still get Flick to be the next manager of the German National team. As BFW’s Phillip Quinn had suggested via our main slack channel:

I could see Bayern pushing for different concessions from the DFB rather than straight cash. Could be things like hosting the final of Euro 2024 or the final of the 2027 World Cup (if Germany/Belgium/Netherlands win the bid) at the Allianz Arena instead of the Olympiastadion. The DFB does an amazingly good job at moving the men and women national teams around the country, so maybe like a “guaranteed x number of national teams games every 2 years” clause or something.

There are clearly options on the table in that respect and when Bayern’s front office sits down with Flick and Schickhardt for the departure negotiations, this will surely be hashed out in extensive detail. There has to be assurances for all parties involved so a Nagelsmann to Bayern and Flick to DFB transition can take place seamlessly.

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