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Breaking: Bayern Munich and Julian Nagelsmann reach agreement (Update: Salary numbers + fee)

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If this report is to be believed, then the current Leipzig manager will be coaching Bayern next season.

RB Leipzig v TSG Hoffenheim - Bundesliga for DFL Photo by Boris Streubel/Bundesliga/Bundesliga Collection via Getty Images

With Bayern Munich taking a two-week break from football at the moment, the coaching situation at the club has suddenly become the hottest topic in the German media. After it was just revealed that Julian Nagelsmann has asked RB Leipzig to terminate his contract, Bild confirms that the 33-year-old coaching prodigy has reached an agreement to take over at Bayern Munich this summer.

Our favorite Bild journalist, Christian Falk, took to twitter to confirm the news:

He didn’t put “true” in the tweet this time, so you know that this is actually true.

With Hansi Flick all but confirmed to be leaving this summer for a job at the DFB, Bayern need to get the coaching situation sorted out ASAP. Numerous key contracts extensions, such as those of Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka, apparently depend on who the bosses choose to lead the club for the next few years. An uninspiring coaching hire probably wouldn’t do it for these players — they want the best, and Nagelsmann is probably the best German coach available right now.

Of course, Bayern and Nagelsmann reaching an agreement means nothing if the Bavarians can’t convince Leipzig to release him. Reports indicate that Nagelsmann’s employers are willing to play hardball, and are demanding 30m euros to release their coach. That’s a steep price, especially in these difficult times. If the DFB also doesn’t budge on their stance of not paying a transfer fee for a coach, then things could get very difficult for Bayern very quickly.

We will keep you updated as this story develops.


Now even The Athletic have jumped on this news. Looks like Bild can be good for something (once in a while):

Update #2

We have some details on Naglesmann's salary numbers! Apparently he will earn 8m euros a year at Munich. The fee will be around 20m euros.

It's not cheap, but what else did we expect?