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An Ode to the European Super League: Gone before we knew yah

In a stunning turn of events, numerous teams are backing out of the European Super League with more than humorous response resulting in the loss of jobs and the rightful anger directed at them


Not even one day after news broke that the European Super League was being formed by 12 insatiable greedy squads, the world is celebrating in news that some of the clubs have already decided to back out of the Super League.

It all started with this tweet from BBC Sport’s editor Dan Roan regarding Chelsea, after massive uproar from its fanbase, has decided to withdraw from the European Super League. And once that news broke, the entire dam broke and the internet was flooded with the dominos collapsing around the league itself.

In the immediate aftermath of Chelsea withdrawing, news broke that fellow Premier League side Manchester City was also withdrawing, effective immediately.

Hours later, Arsenal attempted to save face by publicly apologizing to their fans and announcing their withdrawal from the Super League as well. Safe to say, the comments are not safe for work as the fans have rightfully not been as accepting of the apology.

As of 5pm American Central time, all six Premier League teams have begun procedure to withdraw form the European Super League.

Oh, but that’s not all folks. This is where the true fun began. Following the news of Manchester City’s withdrawal and the pending other 5 Premier League squads, Barcelona president Joan Laporta had this to say regarding the status of his club in the European Super League.

With every passing minute, more news was following with the culmination of the resignation of Manchester United’s Executive vice Chairman Ed Woodward. There are also reports surrounding the resignation of Juventus’s Chairman Andrea Agnelli, however, Juventus are currently denying those reports. Word is appearing that AC Milan is in the process of withdrawing, however, there has yet to be official confirmation as of writing this. I can say I have been anything but overly enthusiastic about seeing these plastic clubs utterly humiliate themselves. While I empathize with the fans, who surely did not ask for this, I love what a unmitigated disaster this has become. Maybe some good was coming from the greed afterall. Who would’ve thought?

As of now, it appears that the European Super League has collapsed just as quickly as it began. While I await word of whatever hopeful punishment they fole out to the 12 greedy clubs (I hope relegation and/or a European ban), here’s some of the best reactions to the absolutely insane flurry of news we’ve dealt with over the past 48 or so hours.

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