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Something that should have happened a long time ago: Chelsea pulls out

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The European Super League is already falling apart.

Manchester City v Chelsea: Emirates FA Cup Semi Final Photo by Charlotte Wilson/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

Bayern Munich looks smarter every day for not joining the contingent leading the European Super League.

Per a report from ESPN, Chelsea is about to pull out of the competition:

Chelsea have decided to begin the process of pulling out of the proposed European Super League, sources have told ESPN’s James Olley.

The development comes ahead of Chelsea’s Premier League match against Brighton on Tuesday at Stamford Bridge.

The reversal is a stunning U-turn for the London club following Sunday’s announcement that it was among 12 of Europe’s biggest football clubs planning to break away from the UEFA Champions League.

There is also word that Manchester City might also retract its membership in the Super League.

It’s getting a bit crazy. Reports are also flowing in from numerous outlets regarding the exodus of both clubs and it appears that the voices of the fans have been least for now. Things do not look good for the European Super League at this moment.