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A BPW Special: The European Super League is Announced

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These are our initial thoughts and reaction to the announcement that 12 teams would break away to form a new competition.


This is our raw, unfiltered reaction to all of the details we knew as of 9:00pm ET on Sunday, April 18th. Not all of the details remain the same. Keeping that in mind, Jake and Tom react to:

-The announcement itself and our initial feelings

-Domestic competitions: do the clubs who leave forfeit their titles they’re about to win in both their respective cups and leagues?

-Continental competitions: which teams will now represent their leagues in the Champions League, the Europa League, and the newly formed Europa Conference League?

-International competitions: find out how many players will be unable to play for their respective countries

-Bayern Munich: we make our pleas for Bayern and other German clubs to stay out of this

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