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Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller doesn’t just want to win, he wants to be the best

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Thomas Müller is driven to succeed.

FC Bayern Muenchen v VfB Stuttgart - Bundesliga Photo by Stefan Matzke - sampics/Corbis via Getty Images

Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller has an incredible internal drive that has pushed him to become one of the premier players on the planet.

For Müller, though, simply winning is not good enough; he wants to be the best.

“I think when your body is healthy and you are strong and you have no problems with your health, then the motivation to win is every time the same,” Muller said in an interview with ESPN. “Because for me it is not important to win the title - of course I want to win the title. But I want to be the best. I want to be the best in my position in my team and I want to be the best in the German league with my team. To win is my goal. That is what gives you the feeling that you are searching for, and not the metal shield.”

Saturday’s match against RB Leipzig should give Müller the chance to show his commitment to being the best once again. RB Leipzig is young, hungry and eager to knock off the defending champions, but Bayern Munich does not look ready to relinquish its sport atop the standings.

Buckle up...this should be fun.