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Official: Super League players will be banned from the World Cup and Euros

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Will football be saved?

The FC Barcelona and Manchester City Club Badges Photo by Visionhaus

The “European Super League” plan for 12 of Europe’s biggest club’s, such as Manchester United and City, seemed like it just came out of nowhere when it was announced yesterday. Bayern Munich are one of the few elite Europe clubs who have morals apparently, and have reportedly declined invitation to the league. Understandably, the backlash from the media, pundits and fans has been huge from the Super league proposal. UEFA, FIFA, the Premier League, Serie a, the Bundesliga and other leagues have all held a United front against the Super League — with the governing bodies confirming sanctions against participating clubs would be put into place.

One such sanction has been the threat of players not being allowed to play for national teams. And, this threat has just been confirmed by president of UEFA, Alexander Ceferin.

In a statement, Ceferin confirmed players playing in the Super League would be banned from the Euros and World Cup. He said, such players “will not be allowed to play for the national teams”.

Whether this is really enforceable in the courts is another question, but this statement could be a pivotal moment in the success of the so called Super League.