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Hoffenheim pushing for Bayern Munich loanee Chris Richards to stay longer

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Bayern Munich youngster and USMNT defender Chris Richards is performing sensationally at Hoffenheim on his loan assignment. According to a report, Achtzehn99 is eager for the 21-year-old American to stay longer.

Per kicker, Hoffenheim is making plans to try and convince Richards and Bayern Munich to extend the loan assignment or even for Sebastian Hoeneß to bring in the center-back permanently:

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is interested in keeping the loan from Chris Richards longer. In winter, coach Sebastian Hoeneß pushed the Munich man’s loan because he knew about the potential of his former protégé. The 21-year-old was quickly set and justified the trust except for a few wobbles. So far, all parties have benefited. But TSG wants to do more and expand the project beyond the summer. The idea is to lend the US-American (contract in Munich until 2023) even longer, possibly even to sign him.

Hoeneß and Richards have a solid history together going back to their time spent with Bayern Munich II on Säbener Straße. Given how strong Richards has been, Hoffenheim could put together a compelling offer for the Alabama-native, but would Bayern Munich entertain such an offer given the uncertain future for its back-line?

This is the second such report on Richards that has come out in the past two weeks. A couple of things are absolutely clear: Richards is a phenomenal talent and also that he is ready to be more than a deep reserve.