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Report: No contact yet between Bayern Munich and Massimiliano Allegri

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This news might come as a relief to some Bayern Munich fans.


The rumors linking Bayern Munich to former Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri might not hold any water if Sport Bild chief reporter Christian Falk is to be believed.

While Bayern Munich almost certainly will be looking for a new manager in the coming weeks, it does not appear that Allegri is on the current list of potential replacements or sextuple-winning coach Hansi Flick:

When the rumor first broke, our own Ineednoname gave his breakdown on why it might not be such a good move.

As of now, it seems that RB Leipzig boss Julian Nagelsmann is the leading candidate to take over for Flick, but nothing is set in stone. In fact, with a report €15 million to €20 million price tag allegedly on Nagelsmann’s head, Bayern Munich might be reluctant to delve too far into the bidding for the former Hoffenheim manager.

The most fascinating part of Bayern Munich’s coaching search will be to see if they can find someone who can use the current talent on the roster effectively.