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Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller laments missed opportunities against PSG in the Champions League

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Losing the tie to PSG is going to sting Thomas Müller for a while.

Paris Saint-Germain v FC Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 3: Leg Two Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller was among the many disappointed Bavarians after the team’s 1-0 Champions League victory over Paris Saint-Germain. While the squad pulled out the victory, it was eliminated from the competition based on the 3-3 aggregate score and PSG’s three away goals.

For Müller, it was gut wrenching feeling as Bayern Munich had opportunities to get that elusive second goal.

Paris Saint-Germain v FC Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 3: Leg Two
Thomas Müller said the referees got a little too involved in the match.
Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

“The course of the game was a bit different than in Munich. We actually had the situation we wanted with the lead,” Müller said (as captured by Tz). “Shortly before halftime, we missed goal scoring chances. The referee also got involved with PSG falling down easily and shouting. We couldn’t continue our pressure phase and were always interrupted. In the end, Paris has a great offense. Overall it’s very disappointing for us, we didn’t do ourselves any favors with the first leg result.”

Müller, of course, knew what other question he was going to face: A query regarding the future of manager Hansi Flick. As he has done so many times on the pitch, Müller deftly evaded the opposition and spun his response to talk about how the team responded to all of the injuries it face.

“We responded well to the many changes. Respect to Paris St. Germain. Nevertheless, we also had it in our own hands,” Müller said.