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Thomas Müller and Hansi Flick discuss their attitude towards Bayern Munich’s Champions League clash in Paris

Things are far from over for Hansi Flick and his boys.

FC Bayern Munich v Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: Leg One Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Ahead of one of the most important games of the season, Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller spoke to the press along with coach Hansi Flick where they discussed matters of various intensity, including Tuesday’s Champions League clash against Paris Saint-Germain.

Der Raumdeuter hasn’t given up hope yet. He firmly believes that the Germans are capable of pulling off a comeback against Mauricio Pochettino’s men. He said, “It would be enormously important. We’ve been working towards our goal of defending the title since September. We’ve lost some ground in terms of personnel, but we feel we’re in a position to turn the game around. After all that, a win would do us good. But we’re taking it in stride.”

Müller has always been a mentality monster. We cannot deny the role that sort of an attitude plays in the success of a team. And when you put a large number of players with the same fighting mentality together in a team, under a coach who is always hungry for more, it definitely changes the game.

“That’s part of our job. Only the players who are the most resilient stay at the top. You also need a bit of luck with injuries. It’s our duty to deliver top performances. I would move away from heroism, it’s our job and duty to give everything,” commented Müller.

FC Bayern Munich v Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: Leg One Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

He was asked to comment on what’s going on at the club regarding the Hansi Flick-Hasan Salihamidžić situation. He replied, “When I was very young and still a fan, there was already FC Hollywood. It’s interesting what’s happening with us. But we won’t let the joy of this highlight take us away. There has already been a lot of debate, so I can’t contribute anymore.”

The hosts definitely have a better chance of qualifying for the semifinals as of now. It is important for Bayern to fight as hard as they can. This being the case, PSG are certainly in a position where they fear losing what they have in their hands.

Just like Pochettino mentioned in the pre-match presser, the Frenchmen are aware of what the visitors can do and hence they need to be prepared for anything. Flick was asked about the idea of instilling this fear on the opponents to which he replied, “It’s in their minds. We have to solve our task first and make them face problems. We need a good rest defense. We need to score at least two goals. It is a tough task, but we are looking forward to it. We hope for a little surprise.”

Finally, here’s a video of Müller being himself to ease your worries:

(Quotes via TZ)