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Bayern Munich not willing to cede its spot atop the Bundesliga any time soon

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Bayern Munich welcomes all challengers to the Bundesliga throne.

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‘FC Bayern Welt’ Construction Ground Event Photo by Daniel Kopatsch/Getty Images for FC Bayern

Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is not worried about the perception that the Bundesliga is a one-team league.

The 65-year-old understands that some people are annoyed that the Bavarians consistently find themselves atop the Bundesliga table, but think Bayern Munich’s dominance has been good for the league overall.

“Our job is to play football successfully. We’re doing OK in that regard. I’m not naive enough to dispute that the emotions of non-Bayern suffer (due to our success) but the league, on the whole, has improved over the last few years. It’s the quality at the top that drives the league, just as it does in the Premier League,” Rummenigge told The Athletic. “It’s true that we’re dominating, but Leipzig have established themselves as a top team. Dortmund has shown a bit of weakness this year but they’re a huge, important club who hold their own in Europe as well. Then there’s new arrivals, such as Eintracht Frankfurt. There will be a different champion. But hopefully that will take a little longer (laughs).”

Rummenigge welcomes the challengers beating down Bayern Munich’s door, but is not ready to cede anything.

“Could we one day say: ‘OK, we’ll let somebody else have a go?’ Never. That would be fatal,” Rummenigge said.