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Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski aims to return in two weeks

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If successful, the Polish striker will be back in time for Bayern’s second leg against PSG

Poland v Andorra - FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifier Photo by ADAM NURKIEWICZ/Getty Images

In an attempt to be sure his side isn’t under pressure without him, Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski is reportedly looking to accelerate his recovery from a ligament injury sustained against Andorra in the recent international break.

According to a report from kicker, the striker has told a close group of people his intentions to return to Bayern for the second leg of their Champions League tie with Paris Saint-Germain.

While this seems like an ambitious timetable for a return, this accelerated recovery happened earlier this season with resounding success. Following a similar leg injury in the beginning of the season, Joshua Kimmich was able to recover and return to the team much earlier than expected in the autumn of 2020. While it is admirable for Lewandowski to aim to return so soon, the hope remains that he can do so quickly but efficiently — so to prevent further injuries.

Even the injuries themselves are different. The benefit of Kimmich’s injury — an injured meniscus — is that were things to be too rushed and his injury worsened, the timetable for recovery is shorter. Kimmich didn’t tear his meniscus, but further injury could have occurred and could have led to tearing. But that being said, rehab for a torn meniscus doesn’t always require surgery and without it, one can fully recover within 6-8 weeks.

For a torn knee ligament, one usually requires surgery and physical therapy. The earliest timetable for return is usually six months.

While Bayern Munich fans may be hungry for Lewandowski to return as soon as possible, we have to remind ourselves that our hunger for now is only temporary. The worst thing that could happen is an injury during recovery and then we’re talking more significant time without the striker’s services.

Let’s hope — for the sake of the player more than the club — that Lewandowski isn’t rushed and is able to recover at his own pace. The next time he touches the pitch, the fear of a more significant injury should hopefully be out of sight.