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Bayern Munich legend Uli Hoeneß breaks down Germany’s roster possibilities for the Euros

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Italia Novanta - German Team Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Italia 90 World Cup Win Photo by Gisela Schober/Getty Images for Italia Novanta and Il Pelagone

Everyone knew Bayern Munich legend Uli Hoeneß would be an absolute star as a pundit and the 69-year-old has lived up to the billing by offering “no holds barred” commentary on just about everything.

In the midst of Germany’s disappointing 2-1 loss to North Macedonia, Hoeneß hit the airwaves to breakdown some possibilities for what the Euro 2020 roster might look like.

Twitter account @iMiaSanMia noted those comments in this string of tweets (originally documented by Bild) and we’ve captured who Hoeneß thinks will make the cut — and who won’t:

  • Jerome Boateng: “I wouldn’t take him (to the Euros). We have enough good defenders. We have Hummels and Süle, and I like Rüdiger a lot. So I think we’re well equipped there.”
  • Mats Hummels: “He is a player who heads the ball very well, he has a lot of experience and can definitely give something to the team.”
  • Thomas Müller: “He’s always there for the goals. He can definitely help any team in the world in certain situations. He is also always in a good mood. Especially in a tournament in which the team is together for four weeks, that can be good for the team.”
  • Amin Younes: “He played well in Frankfurt. But I doubt whether he is a player who would take the national team forward.”
  • Robin Gosens: “This is a player who didn’t convince me today. He’s someone who is not really needed. But we’ll see.”
  • Timo Werner: “He belongs in the team. At some point the knot will burst again.”
  • Julian Draxler: “He didn’t really develop in Paris. He’s a good player, but I don’t think he can give the German national team decisive impetus.”
  • Marco Reus and Julian Brandt: “No, they haven’t proven lately that they can decide games. And at a European Championship, you need players who take the team forward.”

Obviously, Hoeneß did not hit on every candidate, but — as expected — he provided some strong opinions on what players might help form the best squad.