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Shock and flaws: Germany reacts to devastating loss to North Macedonia

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No one is happy after Germany’s stunning 2-1 loss to North Macedonia.

Germany v North Macedonia - FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifier Photo by Thilo Schmuelgen - Pool/Getty Images

The fallout from Germany’s shocking 2-1 loss to North Macedonia will be dealt with for quite a while, but the pain of the defeat will undoubtedly be felt by the players far longer than it will for the fans.

For Bayern Munich star Serge Gnabry, the match was defined by the lost opportunities that Germany had throughout the match.

“Compliments to North Macedonia. We came back, gained opportunities, but we didn’t do the things in front (of the net). Then that wasn’t enough in the end,” said Gnabry (as captured by the DFB).

As for Manchester City’s Ilkay Gündogan, the midfielder knows a loss like this should never happen.

“We all know that we cannot lose a game like that. The way we conceded the goals was poor,” said Gündogan, who captained the squad while Manuel Neuer sat out (as captured by the DFB). “This isn’t what we expect of ourselves and there’s no explanation for it. We all have to reach top form by the end of May.”

The missed opportunities, lack of precision, and sloppy defending were evident throughout the contest and surely Germany will have a lot to improve on as it prepares for what will be a very challenging Euro 2020 competition.