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BFW Commentary: The last three Timo Werner fans are still onboard and now it’s up to him to get back on track

It’s just the three of us now, Timo — and you need to make Hansi, Uli, and myself look good, bub.

Germany v North Macedonia - FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifier Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Welp, it looks like it might be down to Bayern Munich manager Hansi Flick, RTL pundit Uli Hoeneß, and me...we might be the only three left.

It’s true! It seems like everyone else has bailed off of the #TimoTrain.

This ride has not been for the faint of heart for sure, but I think I can pinpoint when things started to go wrong for Timo Werner.

Let’s take a look back into the recent past and figure out how we ended up with no brakes, derailed, and skidding off a cliff.

Contrary to popular belief, Werner’s path to success did not go awry when he signed with Chelsea (or when he was born...ha ha...we already know you were about to type that comment Ineednoname), but when Werner made the fatal decision to bypass a Champions League match with his old squad in order to leave early for London.

While London was, indeed, calling, Werner could have done what we all do when we see an incoming call: Hit decline and deal with it later. Instead, Werner tested both karma and fate by leaving a team competing in the Champions League for no good reason— and now he’s paying the price.

When a player makes a decision like that, he loses any sense of understanding that people might have when you fail. If he makes a mistake, they criticize you a little bit harder. Go through a tough spell and they’ve got no sympathy for said player.

This is where Werner stands after yesterday’s flubbed opportunity right in front of the net, those voices are going to get louder, and more harsh, and certainly more angry.

The internet is certainly an unkind place.

And that’s how we ended up here. Just me, Hansi, Uli, and a bunch of empty passenger cars once filled with people eager to see a young player’s success.

To quote a wise, distinguished looking fellow in a top hat that we saw back at the rail yards before we left on the journey, “’re causing confusion and delay!”

And yesterday’s bottled performance against North Macedonia won’t change anyone’s ideas about you, Timo — you’ve certain made a mess of this season at times. It will be up to you now to find a way to clean things — first with yourself and then for both club and country.

People aren’t easy to please. For many of them, you’ve now got two strikes against you (and maybe three if you count that I’m one of the three people still in your camp!), so whatever is next, you’ll need to get yourself together, own that failure, repair your mentality, and get back on the rails.

Take this trip one stop at a time because we all know a runaway train ain’t never comin’ back, especially if you’re going the wrong way on a one-way track.

(Okay, you got me....paraphrasing Soul Asylum on BFW again.)

Anyway, get your battle armor on Timo, and keep your head clear. Confidence is key and you are not playing like you have any at this point. You’ve got to get that right before you can move on and get past this season — and everything that has come along with it.

Things aren’t going to get much easier from here, but you’ve got time (#TimoTime?) to totally redeem yourself — and at least three of us think you still can.

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