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Four observations from Germany’s pathetic 2-1 loss to North Macedonia

Die Mannschaft put forth one of the worst performances in recent memory against the 65th ranked North Macedonia in Duisburg, Germany. Here are the four observations from this match.

Germany v North Macedonia - FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifier Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Led by the Bayern Munich quartet of Leroy Sané, Leon Goreztka, Serge Gnabry and Joshua Kimmich, Die Mannshaft put up one of the worst performances in recent memory against North Macedonia. While Goreztka, Kimmich & co. were hardly to blame for this result, the remainder of the team was filled with questionable call ups, positioning and substitutions throughout the match and they never seemed to find their groove. Here are our observations:

Löw Raus

That was utterly atrocious. I cannot even type the words I want to write right now to accurately describe how atrocious this match was. Bavarian Football Works have writers who I can confidently say would do a better coaching job with Die Mannshaft than Jogi Löw right now (Hello Valentin and Chuck).

Thank god Löw just coached his last ever World Cup Qualifier due to his retirement after this summer’s EURO 2020 tournament. It cannot come quick enough. Let’s hope the next coach for Die Mamnnshaft will be more competent than Löw has been for the last 2+ years.

İlkay Gündoğan is what now?

I’m sorry, Jogi Löw made Gündoğan the captain for this match? Not only is he not even an alternate captain for his club, Manchester City, but he has less caps that heir apparent Joshua Kimmich. I get it that Marco Reus isn't in the squad, and Manuel Neuer is on the bench, but Gündoğan is the next in line? I’m sorry Löw but there is no way you can tell me that Gündoğan is even in that conversation. End rant.

Leaky defense strikes again

Man, this is just sad. Jogi Löw, for the love of all things holy you need to, and I emphasize need to bring back Hummels and Boateng. I’m sorry, but no one with a set of eyes will believe you when you say that 1) Germany’s defense is fine and 2) that you don’t need Hummels/Boateng. That’s utterly false.

The combination of Antonio Rudiger and Emre Can have been nothing short of horrendous and gave up a remarkably easy goal to Macedonia to end the first half. I mean, seriously, Can? He’s not a CB or even a competent midfielder at this stage.

And then that second goal to make it 2-1 around the 85’. I have no words. The defending on the night was reminiscent of Bundesliga 2 teams. Wait, no, that comment is an insult to Bundesliga 2 teams. I know of one Bundesliga 2 team that for a fact has been defending than Die Mannshaft (Hello Holstein Kiell). Pathetic. North Macedonia ended the match with 4 shots (3 on target) vs Germany’s 11 shots (2 on target).

Close but no cigar

Serge Gnabry played well but was less than lethal in front of the net. Germany appeared to be focused on quantity rather than quality, given the fact Macedonia had more shots on goal in the first half than Germany did (2 to 1) even though they were out-shot in total (6 to 2) by Germany.

Furthermore, Timo Werner what happened to you? I’ve never seen such a talented striker miss so many sitters before in my life. First your struggles in Chelsea and now you’re relegated behind a winger for the No. 9 in Germany? You get on to play vs Macedonia and what do you do? Stink it up. Woof. Timo, looks like you might need a restart.

Germany’s only goal was a penalty scored by Gündoğan after Sané was taken out in the box creating opportunities. For such a immensely talented team, they seem to lack the clinical edge needed to win and that comes down to coaching.

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