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More details emerge from Bayern Munich’s travel travails (Updated again!)

Bayern Munich was delayed in leaving in Berlin and then had to make a stop home to change out the flight crew.

Hertha BSC v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Boris Streubel/Getty Images

For anyone who has has had to suffer through a flight delay, you know the pain, agony, and uncertainty of waiting to see what’s next.

After its 1-0 victory over Hertha Berlin, Bayern Munich now knows that frustration.

The Bavarians were delayed in Berlin for seven hours following the game as the team tried to get out of Germany and over to Qatar for the Club World Cup:

But wait! There’s more:

Oh man, there’s even more. The seven-hour delay jumped to nine hours with the aforementioned stop-off in Munich and crew change:

All of this, of course, has not gone over well with a tired team, who still has quite a journey ahead of it:

So what did the players do during this mess? They were stuck on the airplane:

Well, this trip is off to a rousing start! The snowy conditions in Berlin likely caused major chaos for travelers throughout the region. Hopefully Bayern Munich can regenerate itself and shake off what was certainly a long and miserable wait.

Update 8:30AM EST

Bundesliga commentator Derek Rae broke down what happened:

The decision not to fly last night was made by air traffic controllers and local regulations:

So why was Rummenigge so angry? Well, maybe he did have a reason. Bayern Munich’s intercontinental flight qualified for an exemption from the midnight flight curfew:

There was enough of a breakdown in communication over what happened that the matter is being investigated:

Rummenigge’s frustration seems a little more justified knowing this back story on what happened. It was not the weather that ultimately cause the longer delay, but an error in interpreting the rules on the “flight curfew.”

Update 8:37AM EST

Bayern Munich landed at approximately 8:15AM EST

The boys must ecstatic. Tired, but ecstatic.

Update 6:10PM EST

Derek Rae has been all over this story and has tweeted even more details from the Bayern Munich’s messy night in Berlin:

Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is smelling....a conspiracy!

Rummenigge will not let it go with regard to how the international flight exemption for Bayern Munich was ignored — and therefore stranded his team on the tarmac:

Finally, Rummenigge essentially compared the whole experience to Keystone Cops:

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