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You won’t BELIEVE how Bayern Munich’s Jamal Musiala comes to training

Like FC Barcelona’s finances, this headline is not meant to be taken seriously.

The Audi R8... Photo by Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

Hi, if you’re actually reading this article instead of jumping straight to the comments, comment POLOGATE so I know you read this. On we go.

In a surprisingly wholesome article by Bild, it’s been revealed that Jamal Musiala, despite being one of the rising stars at Bayern Munich, is still a pretty down-to-earth guy at heart. While the English and German national teams are falling over themselves to get him to commit to their respective nations, the 17-year-old is still driven to training by his mother, in an old Volkswagen Polo. Click on their article for pictures — it’s really kind of funny.

It isn’t much of a story in the grand scheme of things, but it’s nice to see that there are still some young footballers who still keep their feet on the ground after finding fame. It reminds me of this anecdote from Dejan Lovren, about an encounter between a youth player and Jurgen Klopp: (via Zenit’s official website)

I will tell you a short story. In 2017, on the first day of preseason training with Liverpool, one 18-year-old player, I will not name him, came to training in a Mercedes with a gold Rolex on his wrist. The conversation between the player and Klopp went like this:

“What car did you come here in?”
“In a Mercedes”
“What’s that on your wrist?”
“A Rolex”
“How many matches have you played for the first team?”

Of course, there’s no extra nobility gained by feigning poverty. Musiala is set to sign a contract with Bayern in the coming weeks, and even though it’s a starter contract for a young player, it will certainly make him a millionaire overnight. He can afford to come in whatever he likes at that point.

However, the fact that the kid keeps himself stuck to his roots, and lets his mum drive him to training in the morning, shows that he’s not falling into the trap of thinking he’s made it. Hopefully, with the influence of his parents, his coaches, and the team around him, Musiala cultivates this mentality and uses it to achieve great things. As fans of Bayern Munich, we’ll watch his career with great interest.

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