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Der Klassiker Match Review & Reaction: The latest Talking Bayern video

Check out the new Talking Bayern video for a postgame review and reaction!


Bayern Munich earned three massive points on Saturday after beating Borussia Dortmund in this season’s first edition of Der Klassiker. On my new YouTube channel, I posted a postgame reaction to relive the moments of the match. In an incredibly exciting match, there were plenty of emotions and reactions that fans went through and I share my analysis in this latest video.

I discuss the starting lineups, tactical decisions and analyze player performances such as Mats Hummels’ “disasterclass”. I also go through my players of the match and afterthoughts heading into our next match. This is just standard procedure as I record a game preview and reaction for each match of the season.

If you enjoy the video please subscribe to the channel! It is still relatively new but I have big plans for upcoming content that you’ll want to look out for. There is never a shortage of great material to discuss when it comes to Bayern. Check out Talking Bayern on YouTube!