The Midfield Dilemma: An Opinion

Today’s game against Dortmund was truly entertaining, yet it was terrifying as well. This "edge of the seat" play is reminiscent to my Sunday’s watching the injury riddled Ravens. Unlike the Ravens, Bayern is arguably healthy with the exception of the midfield. Bayern Munich sans Joshua Kimmich is truly a step down, and it is clear that Tolisso is not Bayern caliber, even as a reserve player. That last four games three wins and a loss, and it is clear that each of these games was sloppy, unorganized, and lacking. It is an understatement that the quality of the midfield is essential for a team’s success, and it is equally clear that Bayern have to be concerned. I will not comment on Kimmich’s vaccine decision, but his absence is crushing the team’s overall performances. Goretska is a very good player, but he needs a player like Kimmich to shield the defense. Without him present, he is nowhere nearly as effective. Sabitzer is not the player we hoped for when Bayern purchased his services. After Sabitzer, the drop off is even scarier. Although Bayern will likely refrain from doing so, they need to bring in a solid midfielder to compliment Kimmich and Goretska. If Bayern’s midfield plays as it did today against a quality team, they will lose.

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