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Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski and PSG’s Kylian Mbappe don’t want to see more frequent World Cups

The World Cup is perfect in happening once every four years.


When Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski and Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe met up at the Globe Soccer Awards, the dup was quizzed on the situation surrounding FIFA’s desire for more frequent World Cups.

Neither player was in favor.

“We have so many games every year, so many tough weeks, not only the games but preparation for the season, preparation for the big tournaments,” said Lewandowski (as captured by the BBC). “If you want to offer something special, something different, we also need a break. If we have a World Cup every two years, the expectation is the time where footballers play at a high level will go down. It is physically and mentally impossible.”

Like Lewandowski, Mbappe was concerned about player safety and the tournament losing its meaning by occurring more often.

“The World Cup is the World Cup,” said Mbappe. “It’s a special thing because it’s something [held] every four years. [It is] the best thing, the best competition in the world. If you hold it every two years, it can start to be normal to play [in the] World Cup. I want to say that’s not normal. That [should be] something amazing. We play over 60 games in a year. You have Euros, the World Cup, now the Nations League - so many competitions. We are happy to play but when it’s too much, it’s too much. We have to recover, we have to stay relaxed. If people want to see quality in the game, the emotion, to see what makes the beauty of football, I think we have to respect the health of players.”

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