The Christmas Favorite Bayern Goal Extravaganza!

I'm hung over and nostalgic - I'm ready for Christmas alright! Rules are simple - post your favorite Bayern goals that you remember seeing (that is no goals from before you started following Bayern, whenever that was). Ass your reasons and context. I'll kick off with my top five:

5. Kimmich v Barcelona, 2020 Champions League.

No goal exemplifies as well as to how aggressive Flick's Bayern was. Two fullbacks combining in the six-yard box, unreal. Although Kimmich's role was that of a poacher and the real glory goes to Davies. We all remember him just breezing past Semedo from a standing start, but he had beaten two men before that! He easily went around Messi and then took out Vidal, who was flying in to a hot-blooded tackle. All you could do is sit back and enjoy.

4. Kimmich v Dortmund, 2020 Bundesliga.

This was a huge goal. After games resumed from the first Covid break, the title race was tight. Dortmund had just signed Haaland and it looked like they were going to go all the way. The title decider was a great match, but very tight. Kimmich just pulled a complete shocker out of nowhere to win the title. Real Schweini vibes right there.

3. Robben v Manchester United, 2010 Champions League.

Imagine this. United run all over Bayern in the first hour and there's almost no hope of going through after a decent home win before. Luckily Müller and Olic combine an improbable goal against the run of play. Still, as half-time arrives, it seems far more likely that United will score another one - poor young Holger Badstuber had been having a terrible night at leftback. Then Fabio (I think it was him and not Rafael?) gets sent off for kicking Ribery in the shins. Bayern start exerting some pressure. A corner kick results in another and Ribery gets abuse from the crowd behind him as he prepares to take. He hits one way high, way far... but what noone in the stadium realized was that Robben was prowling at the edge of the penalty area. He connects perfectly and guides a volley in off the post (which Fabio had been marking usually - hence his sending off mattering a lot). I cannot stress enough what a marvel of technique that hit was.

2. Roy Makaay vs Real Madrid, 2007 Champions League.

This is a bit of a cheat and here's why. I technically didn't see this one. The goal happened so quick that I was still prepping snacks in the kitchen. When I heard the goal, I ran in front of the TV of course, but who could've seen that one coming anyway?

1. Ivica Olic vs Manchester United, 2010 Champions League.

That double-header against United is one of my most memorable football experiences in general. You have to understand - before that run to the 2010 CL final, Bayern was in its dork age - the Klinsmann period was chaotic and before that, the Magath malaise was enough to diminish Bayern as a force in Europe. As before 2011, I only caught maybe 5-6 league games a season, CL and Pokal games were mostly all I had. Van Gaal did a huge job in restoring Bayern as a top European team. Still, the games against United were tough as all hell as I mentioned earlier.

So there's only a few more minutes on the clock and van Gaal is throwing everything on - Gomez, Klose, Olic... Gomez tries a dribble from midfield and fails as only he can. Four United defenders have the ball and seek to play it out and kill some time... until Olic shows up from absolutely nowhere, robs the ball, is through one-on-one against van der Sar, dummies him to the floor, nets the winner and goes ape. As did I. A true football, bloody hell moment and a wonderful revenge against United. Olic even got a yellow for taking his shirt off and shook the ref's hand. He didn't care. Olic was great - probably the most hard-working player I've seen in a Bayern shirt.

Honorable mentions:

The goal in the Game That Did Not Happen

Mario Gomez' last minute winner v Madrid in 2012 where Lahm just took Coentrao (lol remember his transfer saga?) to cleaners for the assist.

Effe's badass penalty in the 2001 CL final (not the shootout, during normal time).

Scholl's gorgeous free kick v Arsenal in 2001.

Robben's ridiculous run Schalke in the 2010 Pokal.

Robben's brutal hit against Fiorentina in 2010 (he was on fire that season).

The time Gomez scored with his dick against someone.

Thiago's gorgeous scissor kick v Stuttgart.

Ribery's last goal for Bayern.

Lewandowski's fifth against Wolfsburg.

Schweini's title decider backheel against Frankfurt.

Thiago's goal against Juventus in extra time.

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