"What do you expect, they play in Farmersliga and buy everyone there!"

"The Bayern Jersey weights a big heavier."

- Serge Gnabry

I've been supporting Bayern for long enough to "get used" to the usual comments, "buying the league", "farmers league", and so on. Also, not to mention, Bayern gets a lot of comments about being a Nazi club. Not only is that historically incorrect but also, extremely racist.

I am to understand that times are changing and more and more people respect the league and its clubs, but it still happens to be next to impossible to go on the Internet, or talk to someone IRL about the Bundesliga, without getting such snide comments.

But, once in a while, even the most violent person in the room (read: myself) resorts to angsty ranting over punching. And therefore, here's my very angst-filled reply (read: rant) to all those holding these opinions about Bayern.

Dear holders of incorrect opinions,

Ajax in the Eredivisie are playing in a "one team league", and have been winning the league almost every year, for several years. Yet, everyone thinks they're angels, the protectors of football, etc., but when Bayern does something like that, they have a problem suddenly?

When Arsenal and Man United had the entire Premier League under their dominance, they were referred to as "the greatest football clubs of all time" but Bayern Munich does something similar and it is "yet another year of Bayern running this league".

So, by this standard, domestic dominance would be considered a near-impossible act of consistency and the club in question would be marvelled at, for this feat, IF it wasn't Bayern Munich. On the European stage, you'd be scared to play against Ajax, or the yesteryear Man United or Arsenal squads, but when you're facing Bayern, "can't wait to body those farmers league merchants".

But you know what, we welcome you to try play against us in Europe. Oh, and if you're gonna say, "no biggie, didn't y'all get beaten by PSG last season hehe", okay, alright, let's send you to play against PSG with your B-team and see how you fare.

I like how everyone talks trash about the league but the moment we have a good player, you do anything and everything to buy him. The norm is to talk trash and 5 seconds later, beg for your club to sign Haaland. Oh, and if a player from here flops, by even the tiniest of chances, it is, "he played in the farmers league anyway, can't deal with the Premier League competition lol".

When Bayern gets a player from another team in the league, we get the bad rep.

Liverpool bought Diogo Jota, Virgil van Dijk, Oxlade- Chamberlain, Xherdan Shaqiri, Sadio Mane, Christian Benteke, Georginio Wijnaldum, Nathaniel Clyne, James Milner, Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren from other Premier League clubs. and do they get any hate? No!

Chelsea bought Ben Chilwell, Danny Drinkwater, Olivier Giroud, Ross Barkley, N'Golo Kanté, Loic Remy, Demba Ba and Fernando Torres from within the league. You hear about this everytime someone talks about Chelsea? No!

When you talk about Chelsea and Liverpool's successes, you talk about the exceptional managers they have in Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel (both former Bundesliga managers, by the way), you talk about how amazing they've been all season, not about how they only win because they buy up the league, or because the league isn't competitive.

When you talk about Barcelona's past successes, you don't take it upon yourself to remind everyone that Antoine Griezmann, Neto, Junior Firpo, Clement Lenglet, Andre Gomes, Paco Alcacer, Ivan Rakitic, Jordi Alba, David Villa and Dani Alves, used to play for other La Liga teams. Neither do you do this with Real Madrid or Manchester United, who too, have bought multiple players from other teams in their respective leagues.

But why this hypocrisy when it comes to Bayern?

I believe this is because our signings are almost always successes. When a certain business model or system of functioning works, a few heads are bound to turn that way. We may not have the money that the PL clubs do, but we sure have an eye for talent.

So all of this boils down to jealousy. Kind reminder, jealousy is poisonous, my dudes.

This is Bayern Munich. This is who we are. we don't settle with 2 goal leads, we risk everything for atleast one more. We're not just a team of 11 you see on the pitch. We have so much more to us than that, as a club, we're responsible citizens and have a deep and rich history and we're rooted in the lives of German people. And most importantly, as a team, we never give up. We always go against the odds. We shoot for the moon. And we never miss.

And that, is what makes us the greatest club of all time. This is the secret behind our success. It's not about us buying the league, it's not about us owning the league, it's about the resilience we have, with which, we face every opponent.

So, I only have one piece of advice for you.

Deal. With. It.

Yours sincerely,

A Müller Mafia member.

P.S. This article would've not been possible without the several hours spent listening to "Gegenpressing", and this particular Twitter thread from a long time ago that had the list of players from several big clubs who had been bought from other teams within the league, so thank you, to all you wonderful people. I do not wish to claim that I knew all of this information for the article beforehand, as that would be a bigger lie than to state that playing in the Bundesliga is easy.

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