UCL Draw Simulation: Bayern will face Chelsea with the highest probability (21.01%)

Out of curiosity, I coded a little simulation about the upcoming UCL Draw of Round 16 probabilities, and I am happy to share the results with the BFW community. According to the numbers, there is a high chance that Die Bayern will return to the English capital to play Chelsea F.C. once again. Playing Sporting is the less likely in the next round of UCL.

Without further ado, here are the results:

Team Probability BFW's Verdict
Chelsea 21,01% The Hardest
Inter 14,45% The "We can handle that"
Villarreal 14,11% -
Atletico 14,04% The "Please No"
Paris 13,79% The "Not Again!"
Salzburg 11,58% The Potential Stumbling Block
Sporting 11,02% -

And here are the full results of the simulation for all the pairings:


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