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Off the Crossbar: Hot take dolt says Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller is a “good player, no more”

Nonsense spewing from Spain? Color me surprised.

Traditional “Lederhosen-Shooting” at FC Bayern Munich Photo by Lennart Preiss/picture alliance via Getty Images

In response to Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller’s LinkedIn post (astonishing that he used LinkedIn as his platform of choice), El Chiringuito TV (aka Don Balon Lite) pundit and former footballer Jota Jordi got very sensitive and was, perhaps, a little touchy about his affinity for Lionel Messi.

Jordi was so hurt, he issued a snarky reply to Müller’s post (as captured by Twitter account @iMiaSanMia):

The boundaries for Lionel Messi fanboys no know boundaries:

  • Normal fans? Check. (Not many)
  • Obsessed babies? Check. (Many, many)
  • Compromised jock-sniffing journalists? (More than you would think).
  • People who need professional help? (Too many to count)

I wanted to used picture of Jota to run with this post, but alas, there were none:

Anyway, I’m sure Müller could not care any less about what ol’ Double BJ...err, Double J thinks. You #MüllerMafia folks should take the same tact. Don’t lower yourselves to be like the delusional, sad, obsessed, clown #MessiMorons, who somehow can’t accept their god just maybe could simultaneously be the greatest player of all time — and not quite the best player in either 2020 or 2021.

Not all Messi fans are bad either...but the ones badgering Ronan Murphy on social media definitely fall into the category.

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